Why is it difficult to use Kanban for infrastructure and DevOps teams?

on 25 July 2023

I have worked with infrastructure teams for over a decade, and I discovered that adopting agile methods with these teams is far from trivial because some barriers muddle the use of such methods in those teams. In this post, I will share some thoughts about those barriers and discuss how teams could bypass them.

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Uploading to Zenodo through API

on 01 January 2021

Zenodo is a free repository to share scientific data. It enables researchers to upload an almost unlimited amount of data and suits pretty well to share research datasets. In this article, I explain how to use the Zenodo API to share a dataset.

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Getting started to GitHub GraphQL API

on 26 July 2020

The GitHub GraphQL API (aka GitHub API v4) is a significant improvement on its API and enables researchers to interact with GitHub more efficiently. Although similar results can be achieved with the old API, depending on the required data, researchers need to make the first query and then make subqueries to fetch corresponding data, leading to problems with the API rate limits.

The great advantage of using the new API is that GraphQL enables one to specify the returning data, sparing the need for subqueries to fetch corresponding data.

In this post, I will explain how to search for repositories and retrieve its name, description, URL, and the number of commits. Since the last information is a bit trickery, I will start with the formers.

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